February Meeting

This is the most important meeting for the Southern Music Association and it will be Tuesday February 25th from 11-1 pm at Westside Arts Center on 10th Street in downtown Atlanta.

There are several things on the agenda:

*Developing both a Mission & Vision statement

*Electing officers and our wonderful Executive Director Edna Snowden sent out an email to our list. If you want to be on that list email her at ednasnowden@yahoo.com.

*Appointing PERMANENT committee chairs as previous chairs was until this meeting could be held

*Updating with Larry Woolard the retirement home for musicians being undertaken by SMA. Larry said in January meeting that there would have to be an initial $1,000,000 or more raised by SMA.

*Update on SEPARATE Southern Music Hall of Fame & Museum. There is has been some confusion about this and now it is clear that the SMHF & M is a FOR PROFIT organization owned by its co-founders.

So you can see there is a lot to cover at this meeting! YOU can either be there in person or attend by teleconference. More on teleconference in future post.

Hugh Simpson

November 13th Meeting

WOW! What progress was made and you can learn every thing that happened right HERE on this video!

Again THANK YOU to Paul Rader of West Side Cultural Arts Center for hosting our meeting at his AWESOME facility and we will be there again in JANUARY as we are skipping December.

Another THANK YOU to Edna, our current Executive Director, who does all the things to make these meetings successful!

Finally THANK YOU to Don Sherrill for producing the video of the meeting!

But the BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to all of you who have made Ron and I’s vision a REALITY!


Hugh Simpson

Next Meeting of SMA

I was just reminded about this screwup in the next meeting date.

It is OCTOBER 23 at 11AM at Sandy Springs Library! Not 24th!

Limited to 100 people physically there.

Please let us know at hughmsimpson@gmail.com if you plan to attend. Georgia Tech Interactive Tech Center will be making a presentation and we will also finalize Mission & Vision statements for organization.


Hugh Simpson
Ron Rich